Rainbow Soul and Sunny Life ;)

About Me

Hola ^^

So what is there to know about me?

Well I’m a girl. I’m 17 so am still in high school but next year-that’d be 2013- will be my last year.

I live in Mauritius, sunny little tropical island in the Indian Ocean ^^

Here it is:

My school is a “girls only” one. It’s an interesting experience 😛

So… more about me… I have brown eyes, dark brown hair. I like writing and I hate maths. I try to be an optimistic person but I think am pessimist by nature. I often get frustrated and angry because I hate unfairness and inequality and I see it everywhere. Pretty frustrating. Yep.

But then there are things I like that makes life brighter. Friends! And chocolate, funny videos on YouTube, food, video games on Wii, reading, watching movies at the cinema, superheroes, earrings, my mobile phone and..erm plenty other stuff 🙂

I used to think I was useless at cooking but then this year I tried a few stuff and they turned out good! Yay! 😀

I usually enjoy any D.I.Y activity, especially when it involves imagination and art. From birthday cards to personalizing clothes via experimenting with cooking.

You’ll see 😉

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