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The End of the Twilight Saga

 It’s the end. I saw Breaking Dawn- Part II last Friday and I cried during the last part of the movie. In my opinion, it was the most amazing of all the five movies and the ending was really emotional (I don’t wanna spoil so I won’t really talk of this movie). It got me thinking of how I fell in love with that saga nearly four years ago and what happened since then.

   I must say I saw the first movie before reading the books. That is unusual because I usually read the books first to see how well they are adapted into movies. But that time, my best friend had already read the book and she wanted to see the movie. So we went. I remember at that time she was totally smitten with Edward Cullen and would squeeze my hand every time he appeared on screen. I remember how she totally wanted a Volvo since that day. I remember that we had gone to the cinema with her mother because we were only 13 and the movie was PG. I remember that when I came out of the cinema my only thoughts were something like: “OMG! I have to read the books!”

   And I did. But then it took some time since all the books did not come to Mauritius at once. I had to wait and I remember the excitement every time I got one. My first twilight book was not the one with the original cover but one with the movie cover. It was the same for my best friend and we were desperate to get one with the original cover. I looked in every bookstore in every town in Mauritius. I drove my mom crazy. But I got it. Aha!

   Now this saga has a shelf dedicated to itself in my room. It has been the case for this past four years. I could have removed the books and place them with all the other books in the library but something stopped me from doing so every time.

   While waiting for the other books to be released I read and re-read the previous one(s). But when I first got one of them I would read it at one go, with no pause to eat or drink or sleep. I read at the dinner table, in bed, in the bathroom and yet I did not dirty one page. I read all the time and everywhere but not at school. I remember thinking that reading at school was too dangerous. It was too dirty there, the books could be stolen or some girl could pick up the book and open it and leave a mark on the side (you know, that mark on the side when the book has been opened widely. It looks like it has been folded). Maybe I was a bit paranoid but I like it when my books look new even if I have read them a dozen times(and this applies to any book I read).

   I never went to see the movies with the same group of people. I saw New Moon with my dad and my sister(and by the way it was because Alice was my favorite Cullen and that she stole a Porsche in New Moon that I got this obsession with Porsche and that one of my goals in life is to own one).  I don’t remember why I didn’t see it with my friends though… I guess I was grounded but my parents decided I could not miss the movie ^^’ I went to see Eclipse with a group of friends and among them were people I don’t even talk to anymore now… For Breaking Dawn- Part I, I was with two friends and my boyfriend and for the Part II I was only with my boyfriend and he got kinda concerned when I started crying in the end ^^’

   This post is getting long XD

   But I still have stuff to say. With all the sh*t on internet about that saga (stuff like memes on poker faced Kristen Stewart, on vampires that sparkle in the sun being either fairies or gay, etc…), it’s not easy being a faithful Twihard. I mean, it’s so easy to like Harry Potter (I do.) because everybody likes Harry Potter and barely nobody makes mean jokes about that saga or criticizes it. But being a Twihard, well, that’s hard. You have to ignore all the stupid memes, resist the brainwash and actually stand up for what you like no matter what people say. That is why Twilight fans are amazing fans!

   Furthermore, what is that terrible about sparkling in the sun? It’s worse than decomposing in the sun? I don’t think so. The idea of these vampires being resistant to the sun’s rays is a display of their strength. You actually have to rip them into pieces and burn the pieces to get rid of these vampires. A silly little ray of sunlight ain’t nothing to them. Besides, the fact that they sparkle in the sun is an image depicting the vampires as diamonds.  Diamonds are beautiful, cold, they are the strongest material on Earth and they last forever. Just like these vampires. When you put diamonds in the sunlight they shine. Just like these vampires. This way they incarnate a kind of perfection and it’s the most creative way I’ve seen of depicting vampires so far.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing your opinions on this! Time to shake these Twilight haters! Hehe I’m neither a fan nor a hater but I’m going to watch it tomorrow and I can’t wait yeah 🙂

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