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Look. Facebook, 9Gag and other sites are crammed of “memes” about say…  Justin Bieber or Kristen Stewart. There are an endless number of jokes going round about some celebrities. Why are they funny? Or rather why do people find them funny? Are they really that funny?

Okay okay. You may think I’m exaggerating by insinuating that these people making jokes and “memes” about celebrities are bullies. But then I’m not. The usual bullies pick on your perceived flaws, tease and taunt you endlessly in school or at work. The celebrities-cyber-bullies, too, follow a similar method, don’t you think? Furthermore the vertiginous amount of jokes, photographs, posts or tweets making fun of these celebrities could be identified as harassment. Then why are they considered that hilarious?

Celebrities are humans. They breathe, eat, sleep, love and dream just like anybody else. They have feelings and do get hurt. They make mistakes; take bad decisions… and good ones too. They try to enjoy themselves and do their job properly. Some are young and some not that young anymore. Those who make music or play in movies are probably only trying to live their dreams and make the public like them and their work. Celebrities have qualities and flaws.

What is the point of picking up on some of these flaws and turning the person into a joke? What is the point of so much criticism of someone you don’t even know? People say that Justin Bieber is a sissy, that Miley Cyrus is a slut, that Kristen Stewart is expressionless, that Demi Lovato is a drug-addict or that Christina Aguilera is fat and there are countless other examples. These remarks can be considered comedic only when it isn’t targeted at you or someone you love. I do not like all of the above mentioned celebrities and I don’t enjoy all their music or movies but hey! I’m not gonna spread the hate! Most of them, celebrities have gone through hard times. They work hard to satisfy their fans and just want to live their lives. They do not deserve all this hate. Nobody does.

You may argue that these jokes are only examples of people’s right to express themselves. Freedom of expression, huh? I don’t believe hating on people is a right at all. There are opinions that should rather be left unsaid because they hurt. They harm people and are otherwise pointless.

Do people really enjoy demonstrating how immature and mean they are and this to the detriment of others? *sigh*

I’ll let you meditate on my words.                                                                               


Lex Keridwen

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