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There’s that girl, she was bullied so bad she ended up committing suicide. Now there are people out there who are outraged by the fact that she was bullied to that extreme; they are sad, angry and they don’t understand how people can be so mean..so evil. Then there are other people who tell you that suicide is a sin and that that girl was just a weak little soul that took the decision all by herself.

I think that these people never went through bullying of that sort. The kind of bullying that makes you hate the whole world including yourself. They are saying that she should have turned to her family, to teachers, counselors, priests, websites or hotlines and that since she did not it’s all her fault.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes when people start telling you awful names you start believing these words are true and that you are worth nothing more. Sometimes when people beat you up and tell you that you deserve this you start telling yourself that you truly deserve this pain. Sometimes when people tell you to go kill yourself and that nobody cares about you, you start feeling insecure and depressed. You get brainwashed into believing all this crap. You truly believe that you are a worthless piece of shit and this only because no one told you something nice, because no one told you the truth; that everybody is a unique and marvelous masterpiece who is LOVED.

However, you don’t know this, you are stuck in your hopeless mind and are bullied every single day. Contemplating suicide is not being weak, it is being devoid of every ounce of hope, love and happiness that one could contain. When in your mind you believe that you are worthless, that you don’t deserve being loved and helped, how could you turn to help? Furthermore if the reason of you are being bullied this way is a mistake you made there’re reasons to believe that you would feel ashamed of yourself and that you are detesting yourself, body and soul.

This is why everybody should be careful and generous in any way they can. Always lend a helping hand. Never exclude people because they are different or because there are rumors going on about them. Don’t judge people by one mistake they did in their past. One mistake doesn’t make you a bad person and should not attract you the hate of people (if it were so your parents would hate you for breaking that window pane when you were little). If you see someone is alone, go to them, talk to them and tell them that they are worth of love and that there is always someone to help somewhere. Learn their story through them, don’t judge them, try to understand and appreciate. Make a change!

And to those contemplating suicide for any reason: DO NOT KILL YOURSELF.

It is not your time yet! There are still so many beautiful things to see of life, so many nice people to meet and nice places to discover. You are probably still young and have yet to create your own life. Talk to your parents or any one from your family that you trust, tell them everything; from your story to your feelings. Do not surround yourself with negative stuff; you could even deactivate your Facebook account. Eat candy. Turn up music you really love (No sad songs allowed). Play it so loudly that your heartbeat sync with it. Bake cookies. Have a nice long bath. Play with pets or younger siblings. Make a list of things you love. Tie dye old plain shirts. Eat ice cream. Tons of ice cream. Sing. Wear sunglasses all day. Play video games you are really good at. Read a book you love. Hug your mom. Watch funny videos on YouTube. Tell yourself that things always get better. Suicide is not a happy ending, remember: if you are not happy then it’s not the end so no matter what, keep going. There are people somewhere that are worse off than you and yet they fight for their lives every day. Honor them and fight for yours too! Don’t give up! Lift up your head and smile 🙂

Comments on: "Bullying and Suicide(as I, a teen, sees it)" (2)

  1. Why am I thinking of Robert Chiltern? lol it’s a beautiful post Lex ♥
    Is it a way to make me smile? 😉 anyway true, suicide is not the right way to go! Time heals… and distractions, like chocolate!

    • It wasn’t meant to relate to him but now that you mention it…does look a bit inspired from him 😉
      Thank you ❤
      Yes kinda ^^
      Oooh Chocolate FTW!! 😀

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