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I crave for SUMMER!!

As mentioned above: I crave for SUMMER!

By ‘summer’, I mean the Mauritian one. The one with temperatures over 30°C. The only one I can call summer. The one I love 😀

Unfortunately it’s still kinda winter and kinda cold. Fortunately summer’s coming soon.I can already feel some heat some times *happy sigh* And with summer comes the sun, the warmth, the holidays, the fun and the shorts and other summer clothes! Ahh I can’t wait for summer to come and warm me up 😉

Because this summer I have plans! I mean that I won’t let myself get all bored and grumpy and sick and tired and did I mention bored? I wanted to say ‘very really terribly bored’… Some summers have gone by like this in the past but I won’t let the ghosts of holidays past ruin this one! No! This summer will be the summer of experiments from D.I.Y to cooking via other fun and new stuff! Yay! Take that laziness! *POW* in your face xD

(hmm I’m getting carried away o.o)

I wanted to share with you some of my plans, this way I can update you on how well did it go; if I actually really did it, if it turned out to be a total catastrophe or if it was all fine ^^’



Tie and dye shorts 😀

Tie and Dye shorts are so cute…you wanna eat ’em xD










Dip-Dye Shorts

This one is the easiest I think. I hope I won’t mess it all up >.<











Galaxy Shorts

amaaaaazing *-*

I wonder how this one will go… it looks complicated already.. But it’s the most beautiful one *-* Since I came across a D.I.Y for this one I keep day-dreaming about it :3







Chili Con Carne

Chiliiiiiiii 😉


I always wanted to eat that. I love Mexican food.  But nobody I know knows how to do it. I guess I’m gonna be the pioneer of chilli con carne in my home 😉







Minestrone soup

Same as with chilli con carne… Really I’m gonna be such a pioneer! Hmm..well..if I succeed .-.

Well…the holidays are in a lil’ bit less than two months. Therefore I still have time to update the list of stuff I wanna do during the holidays. By the way, I’m planning on doing these with my friends- it’s way more fun this way 😉




Till then,


Lex Keridwen

Comments on: "I crave for SUMMER!!" (2)

  1. Muahaha we’ll finally get to start our vlog 😉 I’m not keen on going on summer but I’ll support you 100% in doing everything in that list! Go go Lex!

  2. I SEE FOOD.

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