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I had a wild thought…

I think this post is gonna be short.

Because it’s based on a wild thought of mine and I’m not even sure if it’s right- I mean correct, politically correct. It could sound racist but it’s really not my intention; it’s just a wild thought that has been developing since one of my school teachers said something.

She said that she had read in a magazine somewhere that the young people in Germany, especially those born after 1989- you know after the fall of the Berlin wall- did not even know that the country used to be two separate states and these young people, she said, were better off this way. She thought that people, people from nations with problems in their history, should let go of this history so as to move forward. So as to develop.

And..I’ve been thinking ‘Yeah, she’s right! That’s probably why Australia is so successful!’ Don’t you think Germany is on a super good track?

I thought even further and came up with this; History is the past. What’s in the past should stay in the past. It’s like in relationships, don’t they say ‘never go back to your ex, the past is the past’? It’s usually the best advice one could receive in terms of relationships. There’s a reason somethings are in the past and haven’t made it to your present. There’s a reason why when you cling to your ex or thoughts of your ex you can’t seem to find anyone else. When you live in the past you miss the present time and you can’t build any future for yourself. It’s the same with a country.

I don’t mean that you should by-pass your history. No. I mean that it should not play a too big part of your present. I’m gonna take an example…in my own country…

Mauritius was a colony from 1638 to 1968 and slavery was common doing. Nowadays it’s all over. We are a developing country striving in this world of competition. Loads of people have noticed that the ‘creole’ race rarely achieve in our country. Some say they are lazy, poor, not given their chance, wrongly treated, wrongly estimated, marginalised, etc.. Honestly I do not know. We cannot generalise. Maybe all the reasons are true and maybe they are all false. But I have another theory, a theory from my wild thoughts.

What if the reason behind the lack of involvement of the slave descendants in the development of Mauritius was due to their not letting go of this part of their past, of their history? Look I know it’s not easy. But hey, most of those youngsters do not even know what slavery was like. Shouldn’t they say something like ‘Ok. I know I’m a slave descendant. So what? I’m not a slave. It doesn’t mean I cannot work or make efforts. I cannot be enslaved now. I have the same chance as any other so why not? Why not be part of the change?’

That is what I want to see. That is what I expect from the new generation!


I’m a slave descendant. Well partly, because I’m métisse– mixed race. I’m so because my parents were mixed race and some of my grand parents were too. Being a slave descendant doesn’t mean anything. Just as being German doesn’t mean being Nazi.

Do you get my point?

I hope I haven’t been politically incorrect..or racist.. :S



Well… so long ^^


Lex Keridwen

Comments on: "I had a wild thought…" (2)

  1. Yes I get your point because I feel like I’ve already read this… but that’s only because you told me many times about this theory of yours. It’s great for you to post some of your interesting theories out there 😉 At least they’ll hopefully make people think.
    And no it doesn’t seem racist or whatever.
    Keep on blogging Lex 🙂

  2. Yes I talk too much..and maybe I tell you too much too ^^’ And yes I definitely hope that it’ll make people think a little..and maybe, who knows? make a change 😀
    Thanks 😀

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