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Weekly Photo Challenges

Hola peeps 🙂

First of all I have to excuse myself. The bullying post I wrote had triggered controversy and I had to trash it for some time while I found a way to restore it again soon, but now it’s back and anyone can read it. Finally! 😀

I’m late, I know, but my internet is such a bitch.. It just never works when I need it . Never. Except at midnight apparently..

Well anyway I’m gonna do four WPCs at one go. I know am late but I really could not do otherwise, sorry 😦

First of all, my fleeting moment:

Scene “à la gare” ^^


When it rains the streets are very often desert and this photo depicts no exception. There’s no       romance between those two, only an amazing friendship bond! After all walking alone in the rain is not always fun when you have no umbrella and it is often the case for my friend N.., she barely ever carries one on her! Thank God K.. was here to help her out! 😀

Hey! Is it not what friends are for? Helping out? Lending a hand..euh an umbrella? :p





Wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah! XD


That’s my dog Mee Foon- yep he’s named after the Chinese Noodles-  in my dad’s arms. Mee Foon’s an over excited pup and he always wriggles like crazy when someone picks him up. It’s always a funny sight! Plus, in this pic he was also trying to lick my dad’s face. Haha! When I took the picture the camera did not adjust in time and I got a blurry Mee Foon 😛






Vibrating with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon, moonstone has a reflective, calming energy. Oh! And they have a very pretty sheen! ^^


I took this picture in my Grandpa’s shop. It’s a handful of buttons but I thought they looked like magical moonstones or light stones…a bit like the ones in Pokemon *_* I was totally awed! They looked so mystical, powerful and dreamy! Real moonstones are often considered sacred stones and they are said to bear occult and magical powers, they were even used in love charms and to foretell the future! Well, I found those buttons charming 😀






Tiny boxes but amazing gifts ^^

Sometimes it is inside the smallest gift boxes that you find the nicest and sweetest   gifts of all! Like a ring 😉 I never heard of a ring coming in a big box… Anyway I believe a small box is a really sweet thing. A small gift box is the kind that makes your heart leap when you see your lover remove it from his pocket and look at you in the eye. Awwww :’)

And what you find inside these boxes will for sure be engraved in your mind as a precious memory and one of the most treasured gifts you’ve ever received 😉


Voilà! Here are my last four Photo Challenges. I hope you like them 🙂


Lex Keridwen

Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenges" (2)

  1. Four-in-one! Whew 😀
    Haha I wondered if N.. or K.. will ever know you’ve ‘exposed’ them here xD
    Aww Mee Foon!! ♥
    Ah moonstones… and your obsession with Pokemon 😛
    Hey hey the last one is the cutest and most awesome!!!! 🙂

  2. Nice job catching up! These are great. 🙂 I have puppy that moves like that. HA.

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