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This week was all wrong. It broke and redefined all the conceptions I had of my school but unfortunately the conclusions were scary and revolting. Our school is considered an ‘elite’ high school which only brilliant girls attend but sadly intelligence doesn’t always rhyme with good conduct or nice manners…

Bullying is the act of intimidating a weaker person. Bullying is being noisily domineering. Bullying is aggressive behavior, with negative intent, directed from one person to another where there is a power imbalance. Bullying is similar to a hate crime. But most importantly, bullying is wrong! Everywhere these can be read, be it on the net or in brochures, and all promote ‘reporting bullying’, ‘standing up’ and ‘speaking out’. They say stuff like ‘Kids must be able to safely report incidents of bullying, knowing when to report, how to report, and where to report. Students must know that they will be heard and that you will back them up.’ Why then? Why is it so hard to understand in an ‘elitist’ school that this is so?? Why is there no backing up? Why are people trying to shush down the affair? Why is it all being left unpunished? Why is the blame falling on the shoulders of the miserable victim? <<By the way the poor girl was ambushed, threatened and insulted by a group of at least 10 persons>> Why should the warnings be given to the ones who supported and defended the victim in question?

So many questions…so little logic >.<

I really think that girls are the worst bullies…they can be such awful meanies :/

I am deceived by the attitude of those who have authority and who have preferred to subdue the case and it was not the first case, nor the second, and it won’t be the last if kids-no lets call them future adults- if future adults are ‘encouraged’ bully, are given no sanction, are being covered up just for the sake of the school’s reputation? Of their own reputation? Is there no thought at all given to the bullied?

While writing I just checked a site to see how should people, especially teachers, should respond to bullying. I checked in case I was wrong and what the ‘authority’ at my school did was perfectly right and acceptable… And oh! surprise..they were wrong. Dead wrong.

Let’s see why..well first of all they did all the ‘not to do’ stuff:

<<Avoid these mistakes:

  • Never tell the child to ignore the bullying.
  • Do not blame the child for being bullied. Even if he or she provoked the bullying, no one deserves to be bullied.
  • Do not tell the child to physically fight back against the kid who is bullying. It could get the child hurt, suspended, or expelled.>>

What more? They did not respond properly either:

<<Listen and focus on the child.

Assure the child that bullying is not their fault. 

Know that kids who are bullied may struggle with talking about it.

Give advice about what to do.

Work together to resolve the situation and protect the bullied child.>>

It seemed they reacted all wrong, like the world is upside down in this school. I’m seriously starting to get fed up with this school. I was bullied and got over it on my own but everyone is not that lucky and no one should be left on their own when they need support, help and love! [Hmm I hope karma gets those bullies..]

Anyway I’m glad I’m leaving next year and I’ll pray for things to change for the better in the future… But it’s come to a time where hoping is not enough! It’s time to act! Because bullying concerns us all!

Just Stop It.

Stand up against bullying! And if we get into trouble for standing up to what we believe is right it can do us no wrong!

Till then..see ya peeps 😉

Lex Keridwen loves ya ❤

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    INJUSTICE! I’m so disappointed with their behaviour….

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  3. Which school are you blogging about?

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    Stop bullying!

  6. […] this after I saw a blogger friend of mine, The Evil Nymph, re-blog a post on bullying titled *It’s plain wrong. Oh..and unfair too! (Bullying in school) from over at The Diary of Lex […]

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