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I know.. It’s been a really long long while since I’ve not posted anything on WordPress and I;m really really sorry 😦 I ran out of inspiration 😦


You know I live in Mauritius. It’s a really nice and sunny island in the Indian Ocean. It’s a lovely place for holidays but really living here- as the teenager that I am- can sometimes seriously suck !

Firstly: The YouTube problem.

Okay, I know I’m not the only one encountering this problem all the time and I know Mauritius is not the only country where this happens but still…it can be so freaking annoying!!!! And this morning it happened again.

Who the hell is this uploader?? He should go learn his geography >.<

No kidding. What is so wrong with Mauritius? It exists! I should know, I live there 🙂

Secondly: The WiFi problem.

I have this amazing smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy SII. As all smartphones nowadays WiFi is a need. Without WiFi access to most apps-like some games, the mail, Facebook, Whatsapp and much much more- is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE!! And guess what? In Mauritius we do have public WiFi/WLAN hotspots, well that’s what they say, but they are probably just not where I am ((frustration))!

the meme of my life xD

So I get to use my phone to its top ability at-wait for it-home! That’s just..sad 😦

Third Problem: The Shipping Problem.

I recently became addicted to online shopping. Well, as addicted as one can be using one’s mom credit card under her supervision 😛
But mom loves shopping too so I’m lucky 😀 😀 😀

Yet it was all too good to be true. Not everything has international shipping. Not every seller knows where Mauritius is-or what Mauritius is for that matter- and that’s a tad bit more annoying than the YouTube problem!
Sure there’s a solution: ship it to the UK to  my uncle and get him to ship it to me but that’s being a sucker and I don’t feel like always annoying him like this 😦

Besides, my point is: why is Mauritius barely ever on the map?? WHY??

Problem #4: The Avengers Problem.

The movie uniting the best superheroes of Marvel. The movie that everybody wants to see. The movie beating all kind of records. The most amazing movie of the year..no of the decade-for me at least. That movie out in theaters since April in most countries. That movie IS NOT YET OUT IN MAURITIUS!!!!!

Missing this movie would be like missing 3/4 of my life :s

They say in Japan it’ll be out in August but I cannot not complain. Sorry but I cannot.

I know we get movies a little late sometimes and I can bear with that. But that is not a little late! That is waaaayyyy late! There’s not even one bit of information on the release date of the movie in Mauritian theaters… It’s not the fault of those in charge of our cinemas, they did all they could and yet it’s  still not out . I wonder why… Is it because the people who are to send the movie here just believed something like: “Oh small island, lost in the ocean, barely ever heard of it, probably no audience there.”

Well I’m pissed off. Really.

What’s more? Facebook, 9GAG and similar sites are packed with Avengers related jokes, pictures and spoilers. It’s wrong to make people drool. It’s unfair too. 😥

Till then I guess I just have to hope for some progress and yeah.. 

Ahhh ♥
I did it myself *proud smile*

Oh and Mauritius is really not a bad place it’s just that sometimes I’m a frustrated kid 🙂


Lex Keridwen ♥

Comments on: "Frustration. Oh, Sweet Frustration…" (4)

  1. Aww little Avengers addict. We can do nothing except close our eyes and wait for it to come out…
    Anyway: at last a new post from you!!! 😀

    Can’t wait to see what’s next 😉

  2. 🙂 Yes, Mauritius makes every geek go FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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