Rainbow Soul and Sunny Life ;)

Introducing: Lex Keridwen

Hola people! I’ve just started on WordPress and this is my very first post! Actually I must admit I’m a tad bit lost in all this stuff-though I find it amazing! I’ve always wanted to have a blog but always said ‘No I’m too busy… I won’t have time…’ (yeah the same old lame excuse, I know) but I have that friend who kept nagging me and really encouraging me so here I am, introducing Lex Keridwen!

Of course my name is not really ‘Keridwen’-too bad though..I adore the name- but I think it kind of suited what I want to be. ‘Keridwen’ means ‘blessed poetry’ and I love it! I used to write poetry, but that was back when I was 12 and when I read it now it looks pretty weird.

I’m 16 actually(in 2012) and I’ve not written poetry since a while but I might just create something for you later 😉 But really, I was not thinking about writing on something in particular. It’s more likely that I give my opinion or share ideas, thoughts and ‘secrets’ on pretty much anything and everything from love to soccer via music, cars, movies, books, people, perfumes, stars and so on.. ^^ I hope that I won’t ever run out of things to talk about!

Okay… I think I’m getting a bit off track, huh? Or am I? Well if you follow me you’ll sure learn way more stuff about me and about..the world! You will probably not like all the posts but I’m sure some of them will interest you. That’s probably because I can write about anything. I mean, any type of music-’cause I like nearly all types- or any sports, fashion, etc… You’ll see 😉

So that’ll be all for the time being but I promise you’ll hear from me soon!


Lex Keridwen.

p.s: the rainbow soul thing is just my way to say that I’m very open-minded and able to like anything, really. It also means that I have a colorful personality! 😀

Comments on: "Introducing: Lex Keridwen" (5)

  1. >>That friend who kept nagging her is ME<< haha
    It's great for a first post Lex 🙂 and I totally love your background!! (this is the colour 'koi' you were talking about? xD)
    I find something interesting for you btw: http://kanatyler.com/2012/03/13/blogging-tech-tips-getting-started/
    Good luck hehe.

  2. Good thing you recognised yourself 😉
    Thanks ^^ (and no I chnaged ‘koi’ to ‘spectrum’ :p )

  3. Hello to Daphnee’s friend, Lex?!!!
    Welcome to wordpress! 😀

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