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The End of the Twilight Saga

 It’s the end. I saw Breaking Dawn- Part II last Friday and I cried during the last part of the movie. In my opinion, it was the most amazing of all the five movies and the ending was really emotional (I don’t wanna spoil so I won’t really talk of this movie). It got me thinking of how I fell in love with that saga nearly four years ago and what happened since then.

   I must say I saw the first movie before reading the books. That is unusual because I usually read the books first to see how well they are adapted into movies. But that time, my best friend had already read the book and she wanted to see the movie. So we went. I remember at that time she was totally smitten with Edward Cullen and would squeeze my hand every time he appeared on screen. I remember how she totally wanted a Volvo since that day. I remember that we had gone to the cinema with her mother because we were only 13 and the movie was PG. I remember that when I came out of the cinema my only thoughts were something like: “OMG! I have to read the books!”

   And I did. But then it took some time since all the books did not come to Mauritius at once. I had to wait and I remember the excitement every time I got one. My first twilight book was not the one with the original cover but one with the movie cover. It was the same for my best friend and we were desperate to get one with the original cover. I looked in every bookstore in every town in Mauritius. I drove my mom crazy. But I got it. Aha!

   Now this saga has a shelf dedicated to itself in my room. It has been the case for this past four years. I could have removed the books and place them with all the other books in the library but something stopped me from doing so every time.

   While waiting for the other books to be released I read and re-read the previous one(s). But when I first got one of them I would read it at one go, with no pause to eat or drink or sleep. I read at the dinner table, in bed, in the bathroom and yet I did not dirty one page. I read all the time and everywhere but not at school. I remember thinking that reading at school was too dangerous. It was too dirty there, the books could be stolen or some girl could pick up the book and open it and leave a mark on the side (you know, that mark on the side when the book has been opened widely. It looks like it has been folded). Maybe I was a bit paranoid but I like it when my books look new even if I have read them a dozen times(and this applies to any book I read).

   I never went to see the movies with the same group of people. I saw New Moon with my dad and my sister(and by the way it was because Alice was my favorite Cullen and that she stole a Porsche in New Moon that I got this obsession with Porsche and that one of my goals in life is to own one).  I don’t remember why I didn’t see it with my friends though… I guess I was grounded but my parents decided I could not miss the movie ^^’ I went to see Eclipse with a group of friends and among them were people I don’t even talk to anymore now… For Breaking Dawn- Part I, I was with two friends and my boyfriend and for the Part II I was only with my boyfriend and he got kinda concerned when I started crying in the end ^^’

   This post is getting long XD

   But I still have stuff to say. With all the sh*t on internet about that saga (stuff like memes on poker faced Kristen Stewart, on vampires that sparkle in the sun being either fairies or gay, etc…), it’s not easy being a faithful Twihard. I mean, it’s so easy to like Harry Potter (I do.) because everybody likes Harry Potter and barely nobody makes mean jokes about that saga or criticizes it. But being a Twihard, well, that’s hard. You have to ignore all the stupid memes, resist the brainwash and actually stand up for what you like no matter what people say. That is why Twilight fans are amazing fans!

   Furthermore, what is that terrible about sparkling in the sun? It’s worse than decomposing in the sun? I don’t think so. The idea of these vampires being resistant to the sun’s rays is a display of their strength. You actually have to rip them into pieces and burn the pieces to get rid of these vampires. A silly little ray of sunlight ain’t nothing to them. Besides, the fact that they sparkle in the sun is an image depicting the vampires as diamonds.  Diamonds are beautiful, cold, they are the strongest material on Earth and they last forever. Just like these vampires. When you put diamonds in the sunlight they shine. Just like these vampires. This way they incarnate a kind of perfection and it’s the most creative way I’ve seen of depicting vampires so far.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Look. Facebook, 9Gag and other sites are crammed of “memes” about say…  Justin Bieber or Kristen Stewart. There are an endless number of jokes going round about some celebrities. Why are they funny? Or rather why do people find them funny? Are they really that funny?

Okay okay. You may think I’m exaggerating by insinuating that these people making jokes and “memes” about celebrities are bullies. But then I’m not. The usual bullies pick on your perceived flaws, tease and taunt you endlessly in school or at work. The celebrities-cyber-bullies, too, follow a similar method, don’t you think? Furthermore the vertiginous amount of jokes, photographs, posts or tweets making fun of these celebrities could be identified as harassment. Then why are they considered that hilarious?

Celebrities are humans. They breathe, eat, sleep, love and dream just like anybody else. They have feelings and do get hurt. They make mistakes; take bad decisions… and good ones too. They try to enjoy themselves and do their job properly. Some are young and some not that young anymore. Those who make music or play in movies are probably only trying to live their dreams and make the public like them and their work. Celebrities have qualities and flaws.

What is the point of picking up on some of these flaws and turning the person into a joke? What is the point of so much criticism of someone you don’t even know? People say that Justin Bieber is a sissy, that Miley Cyrus is a slut, that Kristen Stewart is expressionless, that Demi Lovato is a drug-addict or that Christina Aguilera is fat and there are countless other examples. These remarks can be considered comedic only when it isn’t targeted at you or someone you love. I do not like all of the above mentioned celebrities and I don’t enjoy all their music or movies but hey! I’m not gonna spread the hate! Most of them, celebrities have gone through hard times. They work hard to satisfy their fans and just want to live their lives. They do not deserve all this hate. Nobody does.

You may argue that these jokes are only examples of people’s right to express themselves. Freedom of expression, huh? I don’t believe hating on people is a right at all. There are opinions that should rather be left unsaid because they hurt. They harm people and are otherwise pointless.

Do people really enjoy demonstrating how immature and mean they are and this to the detriment of others? *sigh*

I’ll let you meditate on my words.                                                                               


Lex Keridwen

There’s that girl, she was bullied so bad she ended up committing suicide. Now there are people out there who are outraged by the fact that she was bullied to that extreme; they are sad, angry and they don’t understand how people can be so mean..so evil. Then there are other people who tell you that suicide is a sin and that that girl was just a weak little soul that took the decision all by herself.

I think that these people never went through bullying of that sort. The kind of bullying that makes you hate the whole world including yourself. They are saying that she should have turned to her family, to teachers, counselors, priests, websites or hotlines and that since she did not it’s all her fault.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes when people start telling you awful names you start believing these words are true and that you are worth nothing more. Sometimes when people beat you up and tell you that you deserve this you start telling yourself that you truly deserve this pain. Sometimes when people tell you to go kill yourself and that nobody cares about you, you start feeling insecure and depressed. You get brainwashed into believing all this crap. You truly believe that you are a worthless piece of shit and this only because no one told you something nice, because no one told you the truth; that everybody is a unique and marvelous masterpiece who is LOVED.

However, you don’t know this, you are stuck in your hopeless mind and are bullied every single day. Contemplating suicide is not being weak, it is being devoid of every ounce of hope, love and happiness that one could contain. When in your mind you believe that you are worthless, that you don’t deserve being loved and helped, how could you turn to help? Furthermore if the reason of you are being bullied this way is a mistake you made there’re reasons to believe that you would feel ashamed of yourself and that you are detesting yourself, body and soul.

This is why everybody should be careful and generous in any way they can. Always lend a helping hand. Never exclude people because they are different or because there are rumors going on about them. Don’t judge people by one mistake they did in their past. One mistake doesn’t make you a bad person and should not attract you the hate of people (if it were so your parents would hate you for breaking that window pane when you were little). If you see someone is alone, go to them, talk to them and tell them that they are worth of love and that there is always someone to help somewhere. Learn their story through them, don’t judge them, try to understand and appreciate. Make a change!

And to those contemplating suicide for any reason: DO NOT KILL YOURSELF.

It is not your time yet! There are still so many beautiful things to see of life, so many nice people to meet and nice places to discover. You are probably still young and have yet to create your own life. Talk to your parents or any one from your family that you trust, tell them everything; from your story to your feelings. Do not surround yourself with negative stuff; you could even deactivate your Facebook account. Eat candy. Turn up music you really love (No sad songs allowed). Play it so loudly that your heartbeat sync with it. Bake cookies. Have a nice long bath. Play with pets or younger siblings. Make a list of things you love. Tie dye old plain shirts. Eat ice cream. Tons of ice cream. Sing. Wear sunglasses all day. Play video games you are really good at. Read a book you love. Hug your mom. Watch funny videos on YouTube. Tell yourself that things always get better. Suicide is not a happy ending, remember: if you are not happy then it’s not the end so no matter what, keep going. There are people somewhere that are worse off than you and yet they fight for their lives every day. Honor them and fight for yours too! Don’t give up! Lift up your head and smile 🙂

Football is Life

Football, or soccer as it is called in some countries, is indeed Life to some-to lots of- people. I watch football, European football mostly, English football most mostly, Premier League most most mostly 😉

The other night I was watching that match that opposed Southampton to Manchester United and when it ended on the tight score of 2-3 after an exciting and stunning game, I realised that football is indeed life. It’s a nearly perfect imagery for life.

See.. 1. It’s a game.

2. It’s exciting and tiring and surprising.

3. You get to meet new people. You have friends and rivals.

But really what I saw is that football, like life, is unpredictable. Sometimes you can give your maximum and do your very best. Sometimes you think you’re on the right track, that you’re winning and that nothing can stop you. Sometimes when you are giving away all you have and putting in your best efforts in something you badly want to achieve you are suddenly pipped at the post by some lucky bloke… Sometimes the game is unfair. Life is unfair. Yet it is these disappointments that build you into some better, stronger, faster, wiser player! into a winner 🙂

Never give up! Losing a match ain’t losing a cup as losing a battle ain’t losing the war!


Lex Keridwen

As mentioned above: I crave for SUMMER!

By ‘summer’, I mean the Mauritian one. The one with temperatures over 30°C. The only one I can call summer. The one I love 😀

Unfortunately it’s still kinda winter and kinda cold. Fortunately summer’s coming soon.I can already feel some heat some times *happy sigh* And with summer comes the sun, the warmth, the holidays, the fun and the shorts and other summer clothes! Ahh I can’t wait for summer to come and warm me up 😉

Because this summer I have plans! I mean that I won’t let myself get all bored and grumpy and sick and tired and did I mention bored? I wanted to say ‘very really terribly bored’… Some summers have gone by like this in the past but I won’t let the ghosts of holidays past ruin this one! No! This summer will be the summer of experiments from D.I.Y to cooking via other fun and new stuff! Yay! Take that laziness! *POW* in your face xD

(hmm I’m getting carried away o.o)

I wanted to share with you some of my plans, this way I can update you on how well did it go; if I actually really did it, if it turned out to be a total catastrophe or if it was all fine ^^’



Tie and dye shorts 😀

Tie and Dye shorts are so cute…you wanna eat ’em xD










Dip-Dye Shorts

This one is the easiest I think. I hope I won’t mess it all up >.<











Galaxy Shorts

amaaaaazing *-*

I wonder how this one will go… it looks complicated already.. But it’s the most beautiful one *-* Since I came across a D.I.Y for this one I keep day-dreaming about it :3







Chili Con Carne

Chiliiiiiiii 😉


I always wanted to eat that. I love Mexican food.  But nobody I know knows how to do it. I guess I’m gonna be the pioneer of chilli con carne in my home 😉







Minestrone soup

Same as with chilli con carne… Really I’m gonna be such a pioneer! Hmm..well..if I succeed .-.

Well…the holidays are in a lil’ bit less than two months. Therefore I still have time to update the list of stuff I wanna do during the holidays. By the way, I’m planning on doing these with my friends- it’s way more fun this way 😉




Till then,


Lex Keridwen

I had a wild thought…

I think this post is gonna be short.

Because it’s based on a wild thought of mine and I’m not even sure if it’s right- I mean correct, politically correct. It could sound racist but it’s really not my intention; it’s just a wild thought that has been developing since one of my school teachers said something.

She said that she had read in a magazine somewhere that the young people in Germany, especially those born after 1989- you know after the fall of the Berlin wall- did not even know that the country used to be two separate states and these young people, she said, were better off this way. She thought that people, people from nations with problems in their history, should let go of this history so as to move forward. So as to develop.

And..I’ve been thinking ‘Yeah, she’s right! That’s probably why Australia is so successful!’ Don’t you think Germany is on a super good track?

I thought even further and came up with this; History is the past. What’s in the past should stay in the past. It’s like in relationships, don’t they say ‘never go back to your ex, the past is the past’? It’s usually the best advice one could receive in terms of relationships. There’s a reason somethings are in the past and haven’t made it to your present. There’s a reason why when you cling to your ex or thoughts of your ex you can’t seem to find anyone else. When you live in the past you miss the present time and you can’t build any future for yourself. It’s the same with a country.

I don’t mean that you should by-pass your history. No. I mean that it should not play a too big part of your present. I’m gonna take an example…in my own country…

Mauritius was a colony from 1638 to 1968 and slavery was common doing. Nowadays it’s all over. We are a developing country striving in this world of competition. Loads of people have noticed that the ‘creole’ race rarely achieve in our country. Some say they are lazy, poor, not given their chance, wrongly treated, wrongly estimated, marginalised, etc.. Honestly I do not know. We cannot generalise. Maybe all the reasons are true and maybe they are all false. But I have another theory, a theory from my wild thoughts.

What if the reason behind the lack of involvement of the slave descendants in the development of Mauritius was due to their not letting go of this part of their past, of their history? Look I know it’s not easy. But hey, most of those youngsters do not even know what slavery was like. Shouldn’t they say something like ‘Ok. I know I’m a slave descendant. So what? I’m not a slave. It doesn’t mean I cannot work or make efforts. I cannot be enslaved now. I have the same chance as any other so why not? Why not be part of the change?’

That is what I want to see. That is what I expect from the new generation!


I’m a slave descendant. Well partly, because I’m métisse– mixed race. I’m so because my parents were mixed race and some of my grand parents were too. Being a slave descendant doesn’t mean anything. Just as being German doesn’t mean being Nazi.

Do you get my point?

I hope I haven’t been politically incorrect..or racist.. :S



Well… so long ^^


Lex Keridwen

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for a while, wondering if I was the only one thinking this way. But I’ve just had enough, I’ve found the straw that broke the camel! I’m tired of all the bullsh*t people post on Facebook! Every time I scroll down my Facebook home I find stuff that make me go ‘WTF?’ o.O or ‘OMG’ >.<

Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook and I think it’s really useful to keep in touch with family and friends that are abroad and it’s a nice way to share pictures and memories with your friends. I find the games entertaining most of the time though a bit time-consuming. My problem is not even with the people I’m friends with. My problem is with the pages. The pages, the pictures and the likes. Particularly the pages sharing pictures asking, no begging, for likes. If you look closely at them, you’ll most probably find they are dumb…and a bit pathetic too.

Let’s see one of the dumbest pics I found the other day.


Now I don’t know about you but after seeing so many dumb pictures requesting   ‘likes’ this one struck me. It did not incite me to like, it made me wanna comment something like ‘I don’t. I’m vegetarian. What’s the point of this? Excluding the vegetarians? Make us feel excluded?’

But no. Since I know these restaurants have vegetarian meals. Yet, what’s the point? I don’t get it at all. If you do then explain to me please.

But I just found something just as dumb or maybe even more. See for yourselves:

Hey, I don’t even know the person who posted this since it was on a page. It’s probably the admin and he or she probably lives somewhere far from Mauritius. And I don’t think that I’ll get to see that person drink the freaking glass of ketchup. Unless they post a video..but that’s improbable, right?

Anyway the photo did not get enough likes. But I wonder what those people who liked thought would happen… If they badly wanted to see this happen they just had to go play ‘truth or dare’ in real life. Not on Facebook.

I think people who post stuff just to incite the mass to ‘like’ are pretty much pathetic. They could at least be more..original and creative, right? I mean I’m not the only one to think that ‘like if you miss blabla‘, ‘like if you remember blablabla‘ or ‘your childhood was awesome if you remember tadada‘ are getting old, clumsy and uninteresting, huh?

There’s worse of course… There’re the posts that play on your conscience. They ‘bully’ you as one of my friends put it. Let me explain by giving you three common examples that are often posted on pictures:

* ‘Like if you love your mom. Scroll down if you hate her.’

* ‘Like if you are against racism’

* ‘Like if you love God. Scroll down if you love Satan’

Man, I love my mom, ok? Liking or ignoring your stupid picture won’t ever change my feeling for my mommy! People don’t be weak! Don’t fall for the trap! We all know you love your moms 🙂 And if there are people who don’t we’ll never know…

Now considering it’s about racism, all the self-conscious people will like the picture. Maybe those who like are racist, after all who will know? I don’t like these pictures but I’m totally against racism! I don’t think liking a picture contributes in any way. Besides, most of these pictures portray black and white kids holding hands or black babies. That’s fine, I guess. But they are other races and in no way is the picture promoting ‘no racism’ against them. I know the subject is touchy so I won’t go any further. Excuse me if I expressed myself in a wrong way :/

Then we have God. I have a quick answer to this one: if I’m atheist then I don’t believe in God nor in Satan. Therefore the picture does not apply. Hehe. I’m just saying though. All the people believing in God may rush to like this pic but man, it does not prove anything and I don’t think God would appreciate using His name to collect likes. Nope.

Well know I want to show you what made me ‘explode’. What was the straw that broke my camel. It’s a picture…and then there was also all the comments. It all disgusted me and angered me so much…

Tell me what exactly is ‘gay’ about this guy? Go on tell me. Is it his haircut? Or is it the fact that he’s implying he prefers smaller boobs? Or is it both? Or something else? I mean I don’t find this gay at all. I think it’s really cute actually. And what’s wrong if you don’t like huge boobs? Does that make you ‘gay’? He still likes boobs from what I understand…that cannot make him gay, right?

Now I did find the picture stupid and immature in a way but the comments were revolting! Let me quote: ” How can he see through those lines!? he looks like one high mother f***er!” and “whoa hair needs cutting and needs proper clothes and yeh you could say he’s gay this whole thing is f**ked up.”. The comments ranged from “mega gay” to ” LOOOL its a guy? So fucking gay” and “Gaysian even”.

I’m sorry but I do not tolerate homophobia. I tolerate it even less when racism mingles with it.

And I like his haircut. I think it’s original, cute and I’d love to play with his hair *-*

Last thing is I want to clear things up. I wanted to explain that people cannot look ‘gay’. I wanted to write all about it but it would probably take too long… So, I’ve found this video and I think it very clearly explains what I wanted to explain and it really shows the reality and the truth about ‘looking gay’.


Lex Keridwen

Weekly Photo Challenges

Hola peeps 🙂

First of all I have to excuse myself. The bullying post I wrote had triggered controversy and I had to trash it for some time while I found a way to restore it again soon, but now it’s back and anyone can read it. Finally! 😀

I’m late, I know, but my internet is such a bitch.. It just never works when I need it . Never. Except at midnight apparently..

Well anyway I’m gonna do four WPCs at one go. I know am late but I really could not do otherwise, sorry 😦

First of all, my fleeting moment:

Scene “à la gare” ^^


When it rains the streets are very often desert and this photo depicts no exception. There’s no       romance between those two, only an amazing friendship bond! After all walking alone in the rain is not always fun when you have no umbrella and it is often the case for my friend N.., she barely ever carries one on her! Thank God K.. was here to help her out! 😀

Hey! Is it not what friends are for? Helping out? Lending a hand..euh an umbrella? :p





Wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah! XD


That’s my dog Mee Foon- yep he’s named after the Chinese Noodles-  in my dad’s arms. Mee Foon’s an over excited pup and he always wriggles like crazy when someone picks him up. It’s always a funny sight! Plus, in this pic he was also trying to lick my dad’s face. Haha! When I took the picture the camera did not adjust in time and I got a blurry Mee Foon 😛






Vibrating with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon, moonstone has a reflective, calming energy. Oh! And they have a very pretty sheen! ^^


I took this picture in my Grandpa’s shop. It’s a handful of buttons but I thought they looked like magical moonstones or light stones…a bit like the ones in Pokemon *_* I was totally awed! They looked so mystical, powerful and dreamy! Real moonstones are often considered sacred stones and they are said to bear occult and magical powers, they were even used in love charms and to foretell the future! Well, I found those buttons charming 😀






Tiny boxes but amazing gifts ^^

Sometimes it is inside the smallest gift boxes that you find the nicest and sweetest   gifts of all! Like a ring 😉 I never heard of a ring coming in a big box… Anyway I believe a small box is a really sweet thing. A small gift box is the kind that makes your heart leap when you see your lover remove it from his pocket and look at you in the eye. Awwww :’)

And what you find inside these boxes will for sure be engraved in your mind as a precious memory and one of the most treasured gifts you’ve ever received 😉


Voilà! Here are my last four Photo Challenges. I hope you like them 🙂


Lex Keridwen

This week was all wrong. It broke and redefined all the conceptions I had of my school but unfortunately the conclusions were scary and revolting. Our school is considered an ‘elite’ high school which only brilliant girls attend but sadly intelligence doesn’t always rhyme with good conduct or nice manners…

Bullying is the act of intimidating a weaker person. Bullying is being noisily domineering. Bullying is aggressive behavior, with negative intent, directed from one person to another where there is a power imbalance. Bullying is similar to a hate crime. But most importantly, bullying is wrong! Everywhere these can be read, be it on the net or in brochures, and all promote ‘reporting bullying’, ‘standing up’ and ‘speaking out’. They say stuff like ‘Kids must be able to safely report incidents of bullying, knowing when to report, how to report, and where to report. Students must know that they will be heard and that you will back them up.’ Why then? Why is it so hard to understand in an ‘elitist’ school that this is so?? Why is there no backing up? Why are people trying to shush down the affair? Why is it all being left unpunished? Why is the blame falling on the shoulders of the miserable victim? <<By the way the poor girl was ambushed, threatened and insulted by a group of at least 10 persons>> Why should the warnings be given to the ones who supported and defended the victim in question?

So many questions…so little logic >.<

I really think that girls are the worst bullies…they can be such awful meanies :/

I am deceived by the attitude of those who have authority and who have preferred to subdue the case and it was not the first case, nor the second, and it won’t be the last if kids-no lets call them future adults- if future adults are ‘encouraged’ bully, are given no sanction, are being covered up just for the sake of the school’s reputation? Of their own reputation? Is there no thought at all given to the bullied?

While writing I just checked a site to see how should people, especially teachers, should respond to bullying. I checked in case I was wrong and what the ‘authority’ at my school did was perfectly right and acceptable… And oh! surprise..they were wrong. Dead wrong.

Let’s see why..well first of all they did all the ‘not to do’ stuff:

<<Avoid these mistakes:

  • Never tell the child to ignore the bullying.
  • Do not blame the child for being bullied. Even if he or she provoked the bullying, no one deserves to be bullied.
  • Do not tell the child to physically fight back against the kid who is bullying. It could get the child hurt, suspended, or expelled.>>

What more? They did not respond properly either:

<<Listen and focus on the child.

Assure the child that bullying is not their fault. 

Know that kids who are bullied may struggle with talking about it.

Give advice about what to do.

Work together to resolve the situation and protect the bullied child.>>

It seemed they reacted all wrong, like the world is upside down in this school. I’m seriously starting to get fed up with this school. I was bullied and got over it on my own but everyone is not that lucky and no one should be left on their own when they need support, help and love! [Hmm I hope karma gets those bullies..]

Anyway I’m glad I’m leaving next year and I’ll pray for things to change for the better in the future… But it’s come to a time where hoping is not enough! It’s time to act! Because bullying concerns us all!

Just Stop It.

Stand up against bullying! And if we get into trouble for standing up to what we believe is right it can do us no wrong!

Till then..see ya peeps 😉

Lex Keridwen loves ya ❤

I know.. It’s been a really long long while since I’ve not posted anything on WordPress and I;m really really sorry 😦 I ran out of inspiration 😦


You know I live in Mauritius. It’s a really nice and sunny island in the Indian Ocean. It’s a lovely place for holidays but really living here- as the teenager that I am- can sometimes seriously suck !

Firstly: The YouTube problem.

Okay, I know I’m not the only one encountering this problem all the time and I know Mauritius is not the only country where this happens but still…it can be so freaking annoying!!!! And this morning it happened again.

Who the hell is this uploader?? He should go learn his geography >.<

No kidding. What is so wrong with Mauritius? It exists! I should know, I live there 🙂

Secondly: The WiFi problem.

I have this amazing smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy SII. As all smartphones nowadays WiFi is a need. Without WiFi access to most apps-like some games, the mail, Facebook, Whatsapp and much much more- is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE!! And guess what? In Mauritius we do have public WiFi/WLAN hotspots, well that’s what they say, but they are probably just not where I am ((frustration))!

the meme of my life xD

So I get to use my phone to its top ability at-wait for it-home! That’s just..sad 😦

Third Problem: The Shipping Problem.

I recently became addicted to online shopping. Well, as addicted as one can be using one’s mom credit card under her supervision 😛
But mom loves shopping too so I’m lucky 😀 😀 😀

Yet it was all too good to be true. Not everything has international shipping. Not every seller knows where Mauritius is-or what Mauritius is for that matter- and that’s a tad bit more annoying than the YouTube problem!
Sure there’s a solution: ship it to the UK to  my uncle and get him to ship it to me but that’s being a sucker and I don’t feel like always annoying him like this 😦

Besides, my point is: why is Mauritius barely ever on the map?? WHY??

Problem #4: The Avengers Problem.

The movie uniting the best superheroes of Marvel. The movie that everybody wants to see. The movie beating all kind of records. The most amazing movie of the year..no of the decade-for me at least. That movie out in theaters since April in most countries. That movie IS NOT YET OUT IN MAURITIUS!!!!!

Missing this movie would be like missing 3/4 of my life :s

They say in Japan it’ll be out in August but I cannot not complain. Sorry but I cannot.

I know we get movies a little late sometimes and I can bear with that. But that is not a little late! That is waaaayyyy late! There’s not even one bit of information on the release date of the movie in Mauritian theaters… It’s not the fault of those in charge of our cinemas, they did all they could and yet it’s  still not out . I wonder why… Is it because the people who are to send the movie here just believed something like: “Oh small island, lost in the ocean, barely ever heard of it, probably no audience there.”

Well I’m pissed off. Really.

What’s more? Facebook, 9GAG and similar sites are packed with Avengers related jokes, pictures and spoilers. It’s wrong to make people drool. It’s unfair too. 😥

Till then I guess I just have to hope for some progress and yeah.. 

Ahhh ♥
I did it myself *proud smile*

Oh and Mauritius is really not a bad place it’s just that sometimes I’m a frustrated kid 🙂


Lex Keridwen ♥